The Next Major Evolution: Bio-Mimetic, Bi-Directional Immersive Toys

Beyond our Women's Solo product, patented and disruptive Intimuse technology enables global, real-time, fully bi-directional and biomimetic erotic pleasure for women and men. Our patented products enable the stroking and squeezing / expanding sensations of intercourse, taking pleasure far beyond vibration, all operable over the Internet in real time. And our IP is available to license to the right partners.

We see markets rapidly developing now for millions of consumers seeking live, sexual connections over the Internet to build new relationships or nourish existing bonds. Increasingly affordable immersive technologies continue to make a new category of relationships possible, and bi-directional, bio-mimetic adult toys are the logical missing piece. While some companies have attempted to enter this space, their designs are clunky, un-realistic or poorly designed, usually without any relevant, issued patents. Intimuse has solved all these issues. Today.

Differentiate your brand, enter new markets such as Online Dating or AR/VR, and give customers the ability to stay connected while remaining safe and healthy.

No other company worldwide has the patented Intimuse Fiber Drive tm  system, which works like synthetic muscles, is incredibly quiet, compact / versatile for many types of designs and extremely responsive, even over the Internet for interactive products.    

With the world changing quickly in reaction to global health concerns, now is the time to bring the best technology to market and create millions of interactive consumers.